GE Innova 3131 Cath/Angio System


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Cath/Angio System Offers Advanced Image Quality & Easy Patient Positioning

The GE Innova 3131 is a fully integrated biplane angiographic x-ray system suitable for interventional x-ray procedures. Ideal for cardiology and neurology, the unparalleled technology Innova 3131 ensures accurate and consistent high imaging performance. A variety of safety features are incorporated into the system as well to ensure a smooth and comfortable procedure.

The GE Innova 3131 is available through Avante Health Solutions. Contact an Avante representative for more information.


  • Dose monitoring
  • Holds up to eight monitors
  • Tube chiller
  • Detector chiller
  • Smart Fluoro
  • Real-time 3D imaging and reconstruction
  • Max dose reduction setting to decrease exposure
  • Anti collision software and sensors provided for patient safety
  • C-arm units (including Gantries, control cabinets and table-side control boxes)
  • Collimators
  • X-ray tubes: Performix 160A
  • Image detection units
  • Cardiac Table Omega IV or Angio Table Omega V
  • TSUI smart box and smart handle
  • Table side status control
  • Innova Central touch screen
  • X-ray high-frequency and high-voltage generators: JEDI 100
  • In-room and control monitors
  • Accessories include: table head extender, armboard, IV pole, quick strap, head holder, Clear-Vu arm support, mattress and mattress slicker, shoulder rests, and footrests. For more information, contact your Avante representative.


  • Smart box
  • Smart box with cables
  • TSSC
  • TSSC with cables
  • IVUS PIM (with metallic support)
  • IVUS Joystick
  • IVUS Control
  • IVUS Touch Pad
  • IVUS Pimmette
  • 3D mouse box
  • Cable support
  • Table panning device
  • Injector head
  • Rad-shield

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