Oakworks CFPM400 C-Arm Imaging Table


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The Oakworks CFPM400 C-Arm Imaging Table is a new, cost-effective table designed to accommodate mobile and ceiling suspended C-Arm systems. The CFPM400 is a 4-movement table that has all of the features required for successful pain management, image-guided procedures. Its dynamic height range of 26" to 44" (66 to 112 cm) accommodates low height patient wheelchair transfers to maximum height C-Arm mobility requirements for full lateral imaging.

The four motions are:

  • height range 26" to 44" (66cm to 112cm)
  • Trendelenburg tilt +15/-12°
  • 10" longitudinal travel
  • lateral tilt +15°


  • The table is mounted on a new low profile base and can be moved easily from room to room and secured with 4 locking casters.
  • This table promotes a 56" (142cm) metal free imaging area for maximum C-Arm efficiency and is controlled by 1 hand control and 1 foot control unit.
  • The integrated head rest carbon fiber top is capable of a 10" (25 cm) manual longitudinal travel, 15° Trendelenburg tilt, 12° reverse Trendelenburg tilt and 15° Lateral tilt while at the same time supporting up to 500 lbs (227 kg) of patient weight.

Included Accessories

  • Locking Casters
  • Hand Rail
  • Table Top pad
  • Crescent Face Rest Pad
  • 2" supine positioning pad
  • 4" supine positioning pad
  • Padded Safety Strap

Optional Accessories

  • Carbon Fiber Arm Board
  • Spinal Imaging Platform
  • Surgical Head Rest
  • Fluoro Extender
  • Semi Round Bolsters
  • Memory Plus Crescent Face Rest Pad
  • Prone Pillow

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