Fluoroscan Insight 2 Mini C-Arm System


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High quality images for improved treatment

The Fluoroscan Insight 2 is a highly dependable mini C-Arm X-Ray system that delivers an ultra-fine, low dose fluoroscopy, creating high resolution images. The Fluoroscan Insight is a versatile system with quick and superb image quality, and is both efficient and cost effective. Included is a lightweight image monitor that can be easily repositioned to meet your needs.

This C-Arm X-Ray is specifically designed for orthopedic and extremity imaging markets. The system’s fully automated and customizable acquisition makes it the perfect addition for any healthcare facility.

The Fluoroscan Insight 2 is available through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.


  • Three imaging modes: Snapshot (Single Shot), Continuous (Fluoro), and Cine (Digital) Recorded Fluoro
  • Auto edge enhancement
  • Auto-dose control
  • Brightness/contrast control
  • Automated image processing
  • Auto real-time noise reduction
  • Permanent hard drive that stores up to 8,000 images
  • Footswitch options include wired triple function footswitch, wireless triple function infrared footswitch, and configurable save/tag
  • Ultra-fine low-dose fluoroscopy that produces high-resolution images

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