Siemens Artis One Cath/Angio System


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High-contrast images and optimal patient comfort create a positive impact for your medical organization

The Siemens Artis One is a revolutionary imaging system that offers exceptional technology for your facility’s digital imaging needs. High quality tools cover a broad range of examinations, and excellent contrast resolution ensures accuracy. The floor stand can fit into a room as small as 25 square meters due to ceiling-like movements. The Artis One is versatile and easy-to-use, and positioning a patient only requires the push of a button.

The Siemens Artis One is available through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact an Avante representative.


  • Active detector matrix allows enough coverage for peripheral examinations without limiting c-arm angulations during cardiac procedures
  • CARE + CLEAR feature offers a variety of dose saving tools and image quality improvement
    • Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) allows for more safety with less patient/staff radiation exposure
    • CLEAR provides optimal image quality
  • Dual axis rotational angiography covers all standard coronary diagnostic projections, allowing for a quick assessment of coronary vessels afterwards
  • Display-driven user interface is easy to understand, and allows for a revolutionary way of interaction
  • Energy efficient, uses 20% less energy than the Aritis Zee
  • MEGALIX Cat Plus angiography x-ray tube with unique flat emitter technology that allows a tube current of 250 mA during fluoroscopy while keeping the voltage low
  • Static stent enhancement gives a precise assessment of an implanted stent
  • Tools in 2D and 3D support cardiac, general vascular, and peripheral procedures
  • Real-time stent enhancement allows you to verify stent position relative to cardiac anatomy
  • Dual display (recommended for cardiac applications) features an optional standard 21 inch second screen that is able to connect to other monitoring systems
  • 30 inch display with selectable layouts
  • Three internal image sources (live, reference, 3D) and four external image sources
  • Redesigned conically shaped collimator
  • Features two different five-second protocols for acquisition of high contrast 3D images
    • Dose-saving protocol acquires 133 images suitable for larger vessel structures
    • Second protocol is optimized for quality, acquires 248 images, and provides advantages for imaging finer vessels
  • Flat detector allows enough coverage for peripheral examinations
  • Quick to install, which saves time during replacements and helps to generate revenue faster

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