Welch Allyn 777 Integrated Diagnostic Wall Systems Without MidMark Wall Boards


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Instrument integration — right within your reach.

In an era where efficiency is becoming increasingly vital, it is imperative that medical professionals have all the instruments they need right where they need them most. That's why Welch Allyn created the new 777 Integrated Diagnostic System. This innovative system offers many of Welch Allyn's state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments — all in one easy-to-order, easy-to-install, wall-mounted package.


  • All the instruments you'll need to perform a complete diagnostic examination.
  • 3.5v PanOptic„¢ Ophthalmoscope with three spot sizes (micro, small and large) — slit aperture, red-free filter and cobalt blue filter — and add-on corneal viewing lens.
  • MacroView„¢ Otoscope with 30% more magnification and nearly a full view of the tympanic membrane as compared to traditional otoscopes.
  • Handle-based rheostats for quick light-intensity adjustments.
  • 767 Wall Aneroid with easy-to-read, jeweled-movement, mercury-free manometer, certified to be accurate within one percent of scale (±3 mmHg).
  • KleenSpec® Plus Disposable Specula Dispenser, filled, with built-in storage compartment.
  • Sturdy, pre-drilled mounting board mounts easily to any wall, preventing loss or theft.
  • 767 SureTemp® Electronic Thermometer provides highly accurate oral temperature readings in 4 seconds, rectal temperature readings in 15 seconds.

Key Components:

  • 767 Wall Transformer with or without Clock (PartNos. 76710 and 76720)
  • PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with or without Cobalt-Blue Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens (Part Nos. 11810 and 11820)
  • 3.5v MacroView„¢ Otoscope with Speculawith or without Throat Illuminator(Head Only) (Part Nos. 23810 and 23820)
  • SureTemp® 4 Wall Thermometerwith or without Clock (Part Nos. 01767-200 and 01767-600)
  • 767 Tycos® Wall Aneroid with Durable One-Piece Adult Cuff
  • Filled Dispenser with Storage
  • 34" Instrument Panel


  • Conforms to UL 544; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 125.


  • 3.5v 767 Third Handle Module

***Items take 10-12 business days for delivery***

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